Great Presentations: June 26

To advance in one’s career it is essential to standout when in the speaking spotlight. The workshop will introduce attendees to a 21st century approach to formal speaking with attendees gaining the ability to implement effective skills: open with a wow, be the color commentator, offer the appropriate combination of information and call for action, and do it in a concise manner. 

Learn the following: 

  • Learn and execute 21st century presentation style to protect their value
  • Ability to project confidence to customers, prospects, and centers of influence
  • Create dynamic narrative for PP presentations to protect presenter's value
  • Understand the speaker/audience dynamic to move agenda forward
  • Embrace all opportunities to be in the spotlight
  • Rapid identification and removal of real/perceived obstacles
  • Accelerate speed needed to maximize know and unknown opportunities
  • Reduce learning curve and negative preparation time/anxiety
  • Each speaker learns to communicate at the same level as their competence

Presented by: 

Leslie Unger

Electric Impulse Communications

As president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., she helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. Benefit from Leslie as Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter.

As a Coach, she creates a personalized strategy to electrify the journey to your performance potential. Together you will develop new communication patterns and implement methods that create results for executives, business owners, leaders, and Next Generation Leadership.

As a speaker, Leslie ignites audiences to believe that they can create and communicate their best solutions. She also throws out chocolate so you won’t want to disengage during her presentations!

As a Speechwriter, she can write a speech that will sound like you, only better! One of her all time thrills was writing the speech for Akron’s Welcome Home NBA Champion LeBron James . Two lines from that speech were repeated over and over again on ESPN.

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