Be Coachable: March 27

You are an asset to your team, or your business as demonstrated daily. To capitalize on your value, you are seeking a forward trajectory. Coaching can facilitate that process as one learns how to deliver a more disciplined message through a polished persona and move from the present plateau to performance potential. Attend this session and learn how to move through coaching with success and what to expect from your chosen instructor.

Learn the following: 

  • How to be listened to when you speak by delivering a more disciplined message
  • Present an overall more polished persona within your company and your profession
  • Get out of your own way!
  • Look, sound, and act like a leader in today’s global world
  • Embrace the spotlight in all communication scenarios
  • Strengthened leadership presence solidifies influence with those both above/below
  • Move from present plateau to performance potential

Presented by: 

Leslie Unger

Electric Impulse Communications

As president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., she helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. Benefit from Leslie as Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter.

As a Coach, she creates a personalized strategy to electrify the journey to your performance potential. Together you will develop new communication patterns and implement methods that create results for executives, business owners, leaders, and Next Generation Leadership.

As a speaker, Leslie ignites audiences to believe that they can create and communicate their best solutions. She also throws out chocolate so you won’t want to disengage during her presentations!

As a Speechwriter, she can write a speech that will sound like you, only better! One of her all time thrills was writing the speech for Akron’s Welcome Home NBA Champion LeBron James . Two lines from that speech were repeated over and over again on ESPN.

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A six-part series for women in all career stages, Executive Presence, can teach you to be intentional in building your inner CEO by navigating the next steps in your personal career plan. Register here.

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