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The career development series was created as a result of a focus group done by Women's Network.  Members, nonmembers and community leaders voiced a real need for management training for women. 

This is ideal for:

      • Seasoned business professionals who have been in supervisory positions for 5+ years
      • Women recently promoted to a supervisory position
      • Women who have set goals to attain a supervisory level position in the next 3-5 years
      • Nonprofit leaders looking to adopt sound business principles for their organization

The spring 2017 attendees will learn how to:
      • Focus on strengths and how individual strengths can impact leadership style
      • Empower others to lead based on their strengths
      • Deliver recognition effectively
      • Communicate effectively
      • Coach effectively to meet employee's professional development needs
      • Add coaching to your managerial toolkit
      • Effectively structure feedback
      • Brainstorm solutions when giving feedback doesn't work
      • Understand the foundations of behavioral economics
      • Recognize the link between rational thoughts and emotions

Program Dates:

May 25:  Feedback:  Why We Hate Performance Appraisals

Bonus Session (free for attendees of the full series)

June 6:  Behavioral Economics:  Understanding Why We Do What We Do

Only 25 seats available in the spring course

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