What got you here, won't get you there! 

This series features four workshops focusing on intentional leadership and how you can build skills to take your leadership to the next level.  Designed for women looking to improve their management skills, build a team and move to the next level of leadership, the course is led by a local expert in team building and collaboration.

Four Sessions:

1. Understand  Risk, January 23:  Are people on your team and at your workplace, including you, risk takers or risk averse?  Is there something good or bad about being a risk taker at work?  What do leaders have to do with managing risk-based behavior?

2. What Motivates People to Achieve?, February 6:  We are all motivated to achieve.  Some of us are motivated by competition with others.  Some of us are motivated by incentives. Some of us are motivated by recognition.  Some of us appear unmotivated…. What’s going on and why should the leader care?

3. Organizational Culture, February 27:  Culture Happens-the leader is responsible for creating the best conditions for achievement. This session will explore how leaders influence culture and the critical elements of high achieving, healthy cultures that promote both individual growth as well as organizational growth.

4. Leadership on Purpose, March 20:  Leaders need to constantly self-assess their leadership behaviors and the results of those behaviors.  As leaders, we want to deeply  understand: What I do and how I behave immensely impacts how others behave and achieve.  We will take a look at the critical behaviors, attitudes, and values that are the core of leading people.

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January 23:      Understanding Risk

February 6:    Motivating Your Team 

February 27:    Organizational Culture

March 20:         Leadership on Purpose

Time:  8:00- 11:00 am *Content starts at 8:30

Location: Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank- Community Room

Investment:      $399 members /$499 non members

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