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Women's Leadership Summit

Friday, November 9, 2018

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As an organization focused on training and thought leadership related to women in the workplace, The Women’s Network is embarking on a first-ever Leadership Summit to bring women and men together in a safe environment for education and conversation around unconscious bias, empowering women and creating equitable workplaces in our community

The Women's Network of Northeast Ohio is excited to announce FLUX: The 2018 Women's Leadership Summit, to be held November 9, 2018 in Akron, Ohio.

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  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Women & Civic Leadership
  • Creating Equitable Work Environments
  • Raising Feminist Boys & Girls
  • Mentorship, Sponsorship & Empowerment
  • Socialization & Education
  • Cost(s) of Inequity
  • Supporting Other Women
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Accountability
  • Strategies for Change & Progress

The day will also include a facilitated forum to engage the community in a conversation around creating equitable workplaces, particularly as it relates to women.  The results of the 18-month Gender Equity & Female Leadership Study on gender equity and women’s leadership in Summit County will be unveiled and discussed.  A forum-style session will allow you as community constituents and leaders to address how we can collectively create change for women, both in the workplace and in our society as a whole.  

For more information about the event contact us at WNInfo@WomensNetworkNEOhio.com

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