Executive Presence: How to Gain Credibility at Work                           

Do you consistently receive positive feedback about your work but do not get invited to the executive suite?

Did you recently receive a stellar performance review, but were not considered for a raise or promotion?

Advancement goes beyond performance and now is the time to take control of your career path! 

Performance alone no longer dictates promotions and opportunities for advancement in the workplace. Leaders are now required to have Executive Presence. Executive Presence is the combination of behaviors and attitudes that enable you to clearly and confidently express your ideas and influence others*.

This three-part series breaks down Executive Presence- What it means in our modern workforce and how you can apply lessons from top executives to build your credibility and confidence. This series will focus on the three most impactful areas of Executive Presence: Learning what it takes to be seen as a leader, being intentional about your future, and enhancing your communication skills through presentation techniques.

While every industry has unique variations of Executive Presence, leadership can be obtained by creating an identity associated with confidence, clear communication skills, a vision and the ability to lead and inspire others. After this series, you will have the knowledge, tools and support to take the next steps in your leadership journey.

Register for the full series here.

3 workshop series: Fall 2017
Location: Sikich, LLP, 274 White Pond Dr., Akron
Series cost (members/nonmembers): $100/$175
Time: 7:30-10 a.m.
For more information on or to register for individual workshops: 
September 27: What it Means to Have Executive Presence
October 10: Self Advocacy: Getting Promoted is Intentional
October 31: Great Presentations

*Executive Presence definition provided by SHAMBAUGH 

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