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Have you ever wondered what our participants experience in the Community Leadership Institute?  One of our Class 4 participants, Reka Barabas, has volunteered to blog about her experience as she navigates her way through one of our most popular programs.  Follow her journey with blog updates coming March 7, 21, April 4, 25 and May 16.   

Applications for the fall class will open this summer.

  • February 22, 2017 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    February 14, 2017

    WNCLI Spring 2017 – Session 1 summary

    The room was relatively quiet at 8am, no wonder, we hadn’t met each other before. The chit-chat was polite and stuck to safe topics. This quickly changed as the 23 participants in the Community Leadership Institute (a collaboration of the Women’s Network and Leadership Akron) went through an ice-breaker exercise and had to introduce each other.

    As we transitioned into a panel discussion moderated by Lynn Pedulla, SR. HR Specialist, the topic of the conversation was no longer the weather and Valentine’s Day plans but diversity and inclusion highlighting the practices at FedEx, our host for the day.

    The takeaways? “Inclusion is a sense of belonging”, Allan Brown, VP, General Counsel& Human Resources. “Take diversity beyond race, gender, and age and be intentional in your recruitment”, LuAnne Decker, Managing Director, Strategy& Planning. “Look at individual team members and decide what needs to happen on the individual level”, Ramona Hood, VP Transportation Logistics, Supply Chain. We all vowed to listen more and be inspired by someone who doesn’t look like us or think like us.

    Focusing on gender diversity, Ethel Vinson, Learning and Performance Manager presented cold, harsh facts about women in the workplace. In corporate America, women fall behind early and continue to lose ground with every step.

    The afternoon was spent learning about our own strengths. How we could just stop fixing things and instead use our strengths to lead. Our guide on this journey, Cindy Biggs, President of C. Biggs and Associates introduced us to the idea that “strengths exist so that you can serve others”.

    A good way to find out what your strengths are is to ask yourself: What defines a good day at work for me? For example, if it is the satisfaction of turning an idea into reality, you are good at executing. If it is putting together a team around a new project, you are great at relationship building.

    FedEx was a generous host and the tour was a nice treat, who knew they could handle so much: Rushing a liver to be transplanted? Moving a Rembrandt? Or just late with your niece’s birthday gift? No problem!

    The day ended with a happy hour at 35 Brix – Cheers to the Spring 2017 Community Leadership Institute participants! Here is to four months of learning and strengthening our communities!

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